You do amazing work! 
I was going to comment on your photos but I would have to comment on all of them cause they are all amazing!  
Cara Blue

Hello! Very talented work =)  

Enjoyed visiting your portfolio. Lovely works :) 
Will be happy to work with you someday. Thomas

Your Photos incredibly beautiful 
♥ I like your portfolio ♥
Kate Smirnova

I love your work! I would love to plan a shoot with you! 

 😊. Deannnaskye Model

You have some very lovely work... 
If you ever need a retoucher I'll be happy to work with you. 

AL Retoucher .

Your photos are exquisite! I cannot wait to work with you Sharoon Edgar 

Designer :   Belinda Sullivan 

Had the best time shooting with Sharoon Edgar in the woods. Very respectful, kind hearted and profession . I loved the whole day shooting with you and hope to do it again . Everyone please head to shadowphotography and like his page . Best time! Thanking you. :) x Model: Eltanin

Wowee. Had a photoshoot today with Sharoon Edgar and he is amazing. Great hospitality at his home  studio. Plenty of refreshments and great direction. He made me feel very comfortable.
Model: Victoria Jancke

This man is absolutely amazing !!!! I was so lucky to be able to shoot with him, not only can he style you to make you look like you just walked out of a magazine but is photos are amazing too, I would highly recommend him to anyone!!

Shannon Sonia Shead

Model Brisbane

It was a great pleasure working with  (Sharoon) Shadowphotography, Thank you once again for the beautiful pictures ... Very friendly atmosphere and professional photographer. I would recommend Shadowphotography to every models. 

Look forward to working with you again in the future 


Anna-Model  Brisbane

I can honestly say I had a ball working with you both! Jane and Sharoon you were both so lovely to work with, professional yet laid back and very patient and helpful. You definitely made me feel comfortable and supported me to create images to the best of my ability. I can't wait to work with you again! I'm already looking up inspirations for the next shoot :) 

Alannah Dair - Model Brisbane


Alannah Dair - Model  Brisbane

Amazing work from Shadowphotography Brisbane as always 

I have never seen a image from you that isn't of high quality,

   Rachel Phipps  xx

I'm so in love with your work Sharoon & Jane xx.

Ashleigh Doust, Model Gold Coast.

I love working with shadowphotography Brisbane

MUA: Lucy Thomas - Artistry

I'am speechless !

Ashleigh Doust, Model Gold Coast

Wonderful day shooting with shadowphotography Brisbane. Your work is amazing.

Ashleigh Doust, Model Gold Coast.

Photo shoot SUCCESSFULLY accede. Now paid work, promotional work & my folio and work will now be displayed in exhibitions once a month that i attend with the company & meet other competitors & companies. Quick shout out to shadowphotography Brisbane for there recent photo shoot that helped my folio become known. 

Bec Cook, Model Brisbane. 

I do really adore the photography of Jane & Sharoon

Nakita Cally

Model & Actress - Brisbane

Amazing profile! Can't get enough of it. You are a pure talent shadowphotography.

Rayneil - Model, Actor, Dancer, Film & Stage Crew

Loved working with this beautiful couple! i had no much fun!very professional friendly and caring. I felt very comfortable working with them and would love to do it again sometime in future.The umages are so beautiful!Exactly what i have been looking for. I would recommend shadowphotography to anyone! Beautiful job :):)

Serah - Model

Working with this gorgeous couple was absolutely amazing!

Not only was it a comfortable environment,but there was always a happy friendly vibe! The images have turned out beautiful & professional, you guys have been the best I've worked with so far! Thank you so much for taking me on and giving me back stunning images for my port! I recommend shadowphotography to anyone and everyone! 

You guys are amazing!!xo

Josephine  - Model

Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your work - these are fantastic! 
Cannot wait to see what you shoot on Friday - go nuts!
I'm so happy :) 
Please tag the album so I can share it and direct 'likes' back to your page too :) 


Director and Designer - Fashion Fridays 

You have a great team and it definitely reflects from the makeup artists,costumes and the models which definitely reflects through your photography.I have some personal favourites from the album. Keep up the great work. 

Best Regards

Shanelle (Chanel)   FACEBOOK FAN

It was an absolute pleasure working with shadowphotography Brisbane, very professional and respectfully accommodate my needs.Very friendly and easy going photographers who made me feel more than welcome when arriving at their home studio.I would highly recommend shooting with these wonderful photographers. Look forward to working with you for the future projects.
Rhylee Maree - Model 

shadowphotography, you are absolutely amazing!!! It was an absolute pleasure working with you and your work is simply outstanding, thank you so much I look forward to working with you in the future. 

Kelly Belle - Model

It's all about shadowphotography Brisbane's amazing work thanks Jane and Sharoon , you are the best

Feriel - Client 

Thank you shadowphotography for taking amazing photos.

Yasmin Deen - Client

Hey gyus, I just want to thank you guys! It was amazing and i love your techniques. It was amazing and the shots you took were great! I can't wait to see the outcome or the pictures! Thank you so so so much i don't think I can thank you guys enough 

Fareesha  - Client 

It was brilliant working with you! Incredible work and great to work with, shoot was amazing, got all the shots photographer and I wanted,even a gift afterwards! Incredible Shadowdphotography Brisbane.

Warmest and happiest regards

Aizee - Model Brisbane

Beautiful couple with a welcoming and nurturing nature. A pleasure to be around. They are extremely professional and create truly artistic images.Extremely professional and wonderfully creative concepts. Resulting images are amazing! Thank you

You are a genius.

Kylie M D

Model - Brisbane

 Thank you for an absolutely wonderful photography experience! Highly professional and have great ideas. I really enjoyed working with you and would be highly recommending you!


Looking for a Photographer for a Glamour Shoot

This gorgeous couple are so friendly and a pleasure to model for. They have great vision and are very professional at giving direction and making you feel comfortable. I highly recommend Shadow Photography.

Ellen Jeffery  - Model  & Photographer - Brisbane


Photo shoot with the amazing Shadowphotography Brisbane. This amazing husband & wife team made me feel super comfortable the whole shoot and the images turned out beautiful! Definitely recommend them! Thanks Jane & Sharoon

Amber Sawyers 

Model -Brisbane

If any one is ever after a photographers i highly recommend Shadow Photography Brisbane , i have worked with them personally as a makeup artist and hair stylist they are very professional , easy going, creative and hard working team . check out their facebook :-) to see what i mean.
Just had one of the most amazing shoots I've ever experienced with shadowphotography. An absolutely lovely couple, with great talent and heaps of creative ideas, will definitely be recommending them highly!
Thanks so much guys!
See you again soon =) xx
Gina Horn
Model - Brisbane

 Had the most amazing afternoon with shadowphotography , such a successful photoshoot so many looks in makeup clothing and hair.
The model was absolutely beautiful , we all worked so well as team , the best fun yet I have had .
I 100% recommend and back shadowphotography

Check this wonderful husband and wife team out
Wonderful personalities , kindest hearts , exceptional skills.
Can't wait to work with them in the future .

Kalistque Doll

Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

Out of all the photographers I have worked with, Shadow Photography tops them all. They are my favorite two photographers to work with. Having both a male and female photographer makes the Photoshoot well thought out, far more creative and entertaining  to do. The best part of photography is being able to have the camera compliment its landscape and feature; Shadowphotography does this so exceptionally, and makes the model feel as though they are special all the while. Thank you for working with me in the past, I hope we do many more photoshoots together in the future!

Nakita Cally

Model & Actress - Brisbane


Had a shoot with Shadowphotography this morning and Jane and Sharoon spoiled me with bottle of wine for all my efforts! What a great way to treat models like princesses!!! :)

Natasha Ryan

Model - Gold Coast


Thank you so much for all the shoot with shadow photography. That was a lot of fun to have shoot with you. Very professional, and the pictures are stunning. You are amazing guys!


Model- Brisbane


Thank you so much Jane & Sharoon today was great fun. Very professional and organised. Love the images so far can't wait to see the rest and best wishes for your next project!


Model - Brisbane

Shadowphotography are a husband and wife team and work exceptionally well together, they are polite and professional and deliver fantastic results. I would recommend their services to everyone!

Model - Gold Coast

Hi Jane and Sharoon,

Rozi and I wanted to send you our feedback on the photography you did for our vow renewal and Photography.

Firstly thank you for taking the time to meet with us at the venue prior to our vow renewal/40th birthday. I don’t know many photographers who would take time out of their day to walk through the venues to ensure they get a good idea of lighting and picture opportunities. It was a pleasure meeting you both. You were very professional and warm and we immediately felt comfortable around you and had confidence you would take amazing photos. Thank you for the creative ideas and suggestions prior to the date. Your enthusiasm, professionalism and creativity got us really exc ited about the potential photos we could have. Not only did you work with us on the kinds of photos we would like but your suggestions regarding where we held our vow renewal really helped to make the day beautiful.

Everything was perfect on the day. We felt so looked after. You had everything under control and we just relaxed knowing you were capturing very special moments. While being very professional you are also a couple that everyone warmed to and were relaxed having candid and studio photos taken. Your sense of fun and creativity had everyone lining up to have their photos taken! I’ve never seen anything like it!

However the best surprise was yet to come….the photos themselves! The photos are absolutely beautiful; amazing; very creative! You both captured some incredibly special and magical moments in our life while al so capturing the fun sense of the occasion as well. We really looked forward to seeing what creative photos you had taken and were not disappointed.

In hindsight, our only regret is not allocating more time for you to both weave your creative photographic magic on the day!

We look forward to you both capturing more of our special moments in the future.

Sincere thanks,

Collin Hams and Rozi  Hams - Brisbane

Wow! You continue to amaze us! The pictures are amazing

Collin Hams - Brisbane

They are fantastic! So happy with them. Can't wait to see more:) thank you both do much. Xx
Omg!!! Your killing me:-) love your work. We have 2 more potential dates to book you for. Looking forward to catching up. Xx
Rozi Hams

Thank you for looking after us and doing such an amazing job with our vow renewal and Colin's 40th. Cannot wait to see the rest:-)

Rozi Hams

Thank you both so much for your professionalism yesterday and making everyone feel like supermodels! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos, amazing shots already!

Collin Hams

Wow! Amazing photo of a beautiful woman. I'm so lucky to be her husband and so lucky you've captured the moments so beautifully!

Collin Hams

 You guys are fantastic.You have bought a tear to my eye. Photos are just beautiful.

Rozi Hams  Brisbane.

Hi hope you both are doing well. I really appriciate all the photos . You have done a brilliant job and I pray for your success and blessings. It is nice to hear from you. I am waiting for rest of the photos as every one keep asking me. Talk to you soon.


Zarish Gill. - UK

I endorse Zarish and Samuel's comments. I have watched SHADOWPHOTOGRAPHY closely during their perfomance. They use their heart and brain while taking every shot. They have innovative and creative ideas specially in takig wedding photographs. My best wishes to Shadowphotography.

 E. Banta Ram California, USA.


Dear Shadowphotograhy,
It was a pleasure for us to have you at our wedding because it is the most momerable moment in our life. You have captured magnificent photos and have done superb work to make all the events special. We appreciate your time and effort. We will always recomend you to everyone. Thank you and God bless you from Zarish and Samuel

Zarish & Samuel Gill .    UK


Hi Sharoon and Jane,

Just wanted to say Fil and I really enjoyed the shoot yesterday and working with you both. It was a different kind of theme to the previous shoot, quite retro/abstract in a way :)
You both have such great ideas definitely making for some very creative shots!
Thanks again to both of you.

Sammantha - Model  Brisbane

Hey there Sharoon and Jane! How are you both? How's the photography going? Some great photo's you've both been doing good work! x

Sam   Brisbane

♥ Feeling a bit disconnected & something missing in my life...missing childhood friends a bit...thinking about the good ol' days...yea, heading straight into 56 years on this earth! Time to reflect and realise what is really important in our lives, so many memories, but so much more to do. This weekend will be filled with sorting photos and getting the best some inspiration from a friend at Shadowphotography Brisbane :)  Thanks Shadowphotography.
Genie Beatty Boyd -Brisbane

I am so happy with these photo i have not stop looking at them since i got them yesterday

thanks jane and sharoon (shadowphotography).

Mandy Goodyear - Brisbane.